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How It All Started

It all started with the big chop. There was no turning back. In rapid motion, the stylist wielded her pruning shears, excavating every strand of relaxed hair. And when she swung the chair around so I could see my reflection in the mirror, there it was — a masterpiece. A beautifully sculpted, short, round, teeny-weeny Afro full of tightly spun coils. I’ll never forget the date — March 12, 2011.

Was I nervous to show the world the new me? Of course! Did I need to carry the confidence of a million men? Definitely! Was I hoping I didn’t look like a boy? Yep! Did I worry my peers might laugh at me? Absolutely. Did I wonder whether my TWA (teeny-weeny Afro) would affect my 10-year-plus career in human resources? You betcha!

Succumbing to such thoughts of non-acceptance would be tantamount to affirming that my hair wasn’t good enough to fit into mainstream society. I quickly abandoned the pestilent ponderings from my mind.  And then, something magical happened.

I purchased a T-shirt depicting a black woman donning a fabulous ‘fro. Her hair sort of looked like mine. Something erupted inside me the moment I glanced at a mirror. There I stood, sporting a TWA at 2 months natural, wearing a reflection of me, I thought, “Work it, honey!”

Something about wearing that garment made me feel more beautiful. Her fit was perfection. We were like-minded fashionistas. Hers was a muted statement to the world that our God-given kinky hair is gorgeous.

Fast-forward a year later and Urban Mosaics was birthed. I wanted to share with the world the same feelings and emotions that awoke within me when I wore my natural hair T-shirt. So, in essence, Urban Mosaics is made for the natural hair lover in you.

It was created from the elation, acceptance and pride of wearing the original texture of hair we were born with, absent shame. An article of clothing that captures the essence of the indescribable beauty of African-American natural hair. Urban Mosaics is a vessel to express to the world that our hair is exquisite.

Our clothing line signifies our zest for natural afro-textured hair that cannot simply be defined by alphanumeric characteristics (3c, 4a, 4b, 4c).  Urban Mosaics is a clothing line that expresses and illustrates natural hair in various media, from abstract art to beautifully arranged mosaic art forms.

Urban Mosaics is high-quality clothing and accessory imagery created from a subjective perspective, radically distorting Afro-textured hair for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas regarding natural hair. Urban Mosaics is expressionist, wearable art intended to express meaning or emotional experience rather than the physical reality of our hair.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for change by promoting the beauty of textured hair signified by abstract works of wearable art.  Our vision is to help create an awareness of the indefinable beauty of natural hair by instilling a paradigm shift in the conscious mind.

It is our belief that natural hair should be lauded and celebrated with regal pride.  We hope to empower others and challenge the way they see our hair by expressing its beauty one Tee and accessory at a time.